VanHaaren Poetry Slam 2k13

by courtvanhaaren

I’ve slept on it. I’ve thought about it. I definitely cannot push past my epiphany of poetry prejudice.

(I also cannot believe how much I’m already posting on here. I hope followers don’t grow tired of my heavy posting!)

All of this thinking has led to the conclusion that I want to try the different forms of poetry to not only break my poetry prejudice but to improve on my writing. (Hey, a tie-in to my first post. Poetry is where I will begin!) Learning more about writing styles is also an added bonus.

I have got to admit I’m a little worried. I have the same concerns of sounding childish before deciding this. I must let go of my pride and admit that I’m also a little worried that I just won’t be able to write well or feel inspired. Just have to work it out I suppose.

Unfortunately, I have to leave for work soon. So I can only leave with a vague promise. When I get home tonight I will definitely figure out where I’m starting/how I’m posting it/what time frame am I giving myself. (I do have to leave myself some time to work with the literary analysis with Carlyn, more to post on that later.)

More later!