Acrostic Afterthoughts

by courtvanhaaren

Seriously, that was a lot harder than originally anticipated. Like, no joking, no smart comments, this is me blatantly stating that writing that simple poem was a lot harder than I could have ever really expected.

Which, of course, makes me feel even more concerned about my success with the poetry slam. (Not to say I’m quitting. Not in the slightest.)

The one thing that I definitely was able to observe with writing this poem is how much I suck at meter. SUCKKKKKKKK


Which is just great. I have no sense of rhythm in my dancing or my writing. It’s failure all around.

When I was writing the acrostic, it just genuinely stuck out that I had no real solid meter going on. So, in an attempt to better meter, I shall dedicate this week to studying the different types of meter in poetry.

Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if it was introduced in AP english, or if I had to take intro to poetry instead of testing out with credit

All in all, it was a small eye opener in this huge project. Good start, good things.


If you haven’t read my acrostic and the curiosity is killing you, read it here.