Acrostic: Grandma, I Miss You

by courtvanhaaren

Grass buries your face, an image I will glace upon no more

Rain drips from the clouds

And falls close to you, mimicking the tears I’ve cried for you now and before.


Never had it crossed my mind that you would be so far away

Deep in the ground underneath

My own two feet, resting among others in a solemn array.


Acknowledging now that I can plainly see

Imagining what if

Makes the pain utterly unbearable for me.


If I could be assured that I could always recall your face

Some of this nightmare

Shall ease in time, healing at a remarkable pace.


Yes, it will be easier today and tomorrow too

Oh, but to speak the truth

Underneath it all, I am simply missing you.

~ C M VanHaaren