If you like me talking about my writing, you should look into me talking about reading too

by courtvanhaaren

Alongside with the other half of Courtlyn, my lovely friend Carlyn. (Who, if you have never heard of her, CHECK HER OUT. She is an aspiring author who talks about her journey to getting publishing. Incredibly inspiring.)

Backstory: We both had been lamenting on  our current lack of reading. After some thought, it was decided to begin a reading project between the two of us. A very inclusive book club I suppose would be the simplest explanation. But we have decided to include our thoughts throughout our reading on WordPress. It was mutually decided to lean more towards classics, but modern lit will definitely make an appearance. 

The time frame of each story depends on schedules and length of the book, but we both hope to pace each book around two weeks tops. During this time our posting will consist of -of course not limited to- chapter analysis, plot discussion, character rants, quotes, etc. If you love discussing books, please join us in discussing all of these topics!

Our blogging begins TONIGHT with the wonderful classic Jane Eyre. Drop by if interested!

And follow the lovely blog while you’re at it