Composing a sonnet: My first true frustration

by courtvanhaaren

I’m trying to start a sonnet. I really am. 

To make sure that I have references to iambic pentameter, my notes on the top of my page are:


pentameter- five of feet (did I really write that as a note? I guess I did)

That should be what’s helping me. Nope. 


THOSE are the notes at the top of my page that really give me any guidance to composing this. Maybe it’s the eight years of band in me? Who knows. 

So, I’m in my room, clapping out syllables like a child. No harm in that, right? No, not at all. It’s actually aiding me in writing. So, if you’re like me and do not understand the mechanics of meter, try clapping. It works wonders.

So far I have four solid words. The continuation depends if I really want to use the word ‘memory’. It’s really causing a jam in the flow, but it’s all that I can write that makes sense with this right now. 

Ugh! Don’t expect this to be the last short yet irritated post by me

~C M VanHaaren