Some More on my Sonnets

by courtvanhaaren

Okay, so I’ve taken a nap and I feel a little better after realizing that I completely messed up my first Shakespearean sonnet. I do, however, appreciate any of you who enjoyed it. Unless you just enjoy watching me rant all the time

I think, to better aid trying to write these I am going to create a scansion template to print out. (I can’t write well whatsoever in a word document. It has to be paper and pen. Weird, right?) If I can include the numbering of the lines and physically seeing the meter, I should *hopefully* be able to write better. Here’s to trying!

All right, I don’t know if you have read my first post about my sonnet or not, I originally claimed that I would be writing about my love. Well, that actually did not happen. I promise my love life is not as depressing and deluded as that sonnet would make it appear. 

It was actually about my grandma. Again, I know. I didn’t think it really was about her until halfway through. My writing took a different direction I suppose. But it did lead me to thinking about the titles of my sonnets. Taking a leaf of Shakespeare’s book, as the only proper homage I can give him in my struggle to compose sonnets, I have decided to do the numbering of them. (Plus you can’t beat not having to give a different title to every single one) Wait, there’s more! In order to not confuse the muse of the sonnet, I decided to give two different categories of sonnets: dusk and dream. 

I know, the connotation of those seem misleading, but let me explain.

Dusk: These sonnets are dedicated to my grandma. I chose dusk because, like my emotions on her passing, it’s an in between. I mean, think about it. Dusk is the darkest time of twilight, yet one of the most beautiful parts of it. There are dark but beautiful things about her passing and me now. 

Dream: These sonnets are dedicated to my love. Okay, I get that the connotation of dream would indicate that my feelings are a part of one big illusion (which, I mean, love to some extent is). Even so, my reasoning for picking the word dream is because dreams are what you want, what you’re passionate about. And those are real. 

And, finally, to cover the middle ground if I decide to write about something else, all unnamed muses in other sonnets will be under A Simple Sonnet: Because um, who doesn’t like alliteration? 

I get that Shakespeare’s sonnets are all just numbered, but I like being able to categorize mine. Not only can it give a reader an idea of the general feel of the sonnet, but I wouldn’t have to ever explain who it was about. (Unless it’s a simple sonnet, but I’m choosing to ignore that fact right now). So, if I ever become an acclaimed author whose works are used in schools, there won’t be a need to wonder who I’m writing about. 

Now that all of that is cleared up, I think I’m ready to move onto reading Jane Eyre for the rest of tonight. I unfortunately do not have a lot of time to dedicate to sonnets for the next few days. I might just spend the next few days reading them, haven’t decided yet. 

I also think I am going to extend the sonnet writing period, but I’m not really sure as to how long yet. Depends on my work schedule. 

All right, time to stop babbling and go read. 

Until tomorrow 

~C M VanHaaren