Busy Busy Busy

by courtvanhaaren

Spending all my time being sick. If it doesn’t go away I’m going to have a nice trip to the doctor or hospital. 

I’m trying to keep up with all the reading and writing, but it’s just really hard right now to give my 100% when my body is giving less than. I feel awful because it’s just dragging things out. I think I might continue with the Shakespeare commentary, since it is interesting, but that might just turn into a master post that will be posted later down the road so I can get a move on. I need to delve into different styles of poetry, hell, even different styles of sonnets. I’m just getting tired of it at the moment. 

All my material sits on my desk and I just stare at them, sick to my stomach in bed. It’s awful. 

I do not have an idea of what poetry style I’m moving onto next. I am not trying to make any promises or throw any ideas out since I haven’t been able to keep ANY promises during the sonnet section. 

Ugh. I don’t know my lovelies, I need to get things straightened out. 

I will figure something out soon, I promise. 

~C M VanHaaren