by courtvanhaaren

There’s honestly not much worse than feeling worn down from outside sources to invest in what you love. Between work and my health it’s been an honest struggle to invest time into my blog, my writing, and my reading. I truly do apologize; I understand that my posts are getting repetitive in apologies and delays but at the time being I’ve just been too sick and worn to do anything.

Fortunately I have found a clinic that looks very promising both procedure and price-wise (always good for the uninsured). I should hopefully be one step closer soon to discovering and treating what is wrong. I really don’t want to post any speculation, but it’s definitely narrowed down to gynecological/obstetrics issues.

I’m going to post some more tonight and try to get this slowly up and running again, just please bear with me momentarily. Appreciate it  all 🙂

~C M VanHaaren