Blog Drunk, Edit Sober

by courtvanhaaren

“Write drunk, edit sober”- Hemingway. 

One of my favorite writing quotes. Definitely. I get that meaning behind it, the “let your reservations and such go while writing then fix what needs to be fixed”, but the quote did give me a little amusement considering I just had a very, very drunk weekend for my 21st. (Which put my writing and reading on temporary hold.) 

That quote serves absolutely no purpose to this post, other than introducing the topic of my birthday weekend. Don’t look any further for an analysis. 

Instead, look further for a free verse/drabble of my birthday experience!

I left my expectations at the door

and took a shot of Confidence off the bar.

Laughter left ringing in my ear 

For what I can’t recall.

Ask for a name but completely forget

Instead smile at a stranger’s face.

Words slur into giggles

Mixed like the liquid meeting my lips.

A string of curses are exchanged with new friends

Of whom I may never speak to again. 

Swear that these are sweet memories

Most of which are black.

I lift my cup to a cheers

For the night is still promising yet.

Not the greatest but the gist of my night is still there. I had a blast though (from what I do remember.) Unfortunately this was not wrote while I was drunk. If it was it would look like my facebook status 

Ugh frying doe the Di m

So, with a sobered mind I shall work on my ballad analysis again. 

Until tomorrow or Wednesday

~C M VanHaaren