Kyrielle: Mercy to Me

by courtvanhaaren

My soul aches with what troubles bring,

And bleeds with sins so tempting,

I pray for scarlet to white be,

O Lord, have mercy on me.


My heart, my flesh may never be clean,

Tainted with sin both seen and unseen.

Yet in my darkness your love firmly be

O Lord, have mercy on me.


Praise to the Maker whose refuge I seek,

I pray for your strength in times that are bleak.

Through you I gain every possibility,

O Lord, have mercy on me.


Bound three in one my faith reside,

In his love I choose to abide.

And simply because I believe

The Lord promises his mercy to me.


Passages of influence:

Isaiah 1:18

Psalm 73:26

Mark 9:26

Romans 5:8

Luke 1:45

Isaiah 46:4