Halloween prompt- poem

by courtvanhaaren

As reblogged earlier from Carlyn there are a few interesting Halloween/horror prompts that are floating around. Some of them are pretty neat! I decided to write a poem based on the beginning “I didn’t mean to kill her…”

I didn’t originally intend to write any more poems, but it was too good to pass up. I hope you guys enjoy this impromptu poem! Composed by yours truly, CoPoe! 


I didn’t mean to kill her

Tis the truth, I surely proclaim.

I never meant to see her go

Eyes glistening in the rain.


I didn’t mean to harm her

But on the ground she lies

Her features etched with fear

Poor soul didn’t expect to die.


I saw God take her last breath

I heard the wind carry her scream

Yet as her blood soaked the ground

She still tried pleading with me.


Her mouth parted slightly

A sight that astounded me

From her throat came a shrill

Begging to halt her destiny.


“Stop, it hurts” she cried

“You will be the cause of my death”

Her words made me freeze, please believe

I knew for certain she had no life left.


“Have mercy” was her next moan

I would if I could, my sweet!

“It doesn’t have to end this way!”

She yelled as I began to retreat.


I didn’t mean to kill her, oh no

Murder was never my intent

I am sorry for the blood on my hands

Even so, from Hell repayment had be sent.


I ran, dear friend, as fast as I could

Hoping to hide in the night

“Come back to me!” she then screamed

From there I fell with fright.


Into the ground my body collapsed

Both my bones and twigs snapped beneath

From the depths of the woods was a growl

It resonated between her teeth.


Frozen in place, I silently prayed

I did not want to see my love again

Yet there she was, inches from my face

“Look at me and see what remains!”


What a sight, I couldn’t believe!

She stared at me, never needing to blink

“I shall kill you, since you’ve killed me”

‘How does a corpse kill?’ I shuddered to think


I was to be done with, no doubt

Silently she plotted, creating my demise

My body broken, I could only lay

And observe what was in front of my eyes.


What once held beauty only held terror

Her body caked with dirt and blood

Marks of my crime still fresh on her skin

They were the only parts not hid by mud.


Her gentle eyes were filled with hate

Her heart pumping venom instead of life

“I did not mean to hurt you” I softly said

She laughed “But you created unbearable strife!”


Her fingers started to trace my chest

Her nails lightly scratched my skin

“You killed my body, then my soul

If I’m to repay twice, I must begin.”


Her smile-oh it haunts to this day!

Her smile, so sinister, pierced through me

Panic with began to slowly rise

“Don’t, spare me please!” I began to plea.


“Mercy belongs to those who deserve,

Yet you refused it for your own love!”

She glared at me, most unforgiving

“Now neither of us shall ascend above.”


I tried to respond, I really did

But towards me she did leap

Make no mistake, her death was repaid

My heart was forever hers to keep.


I didn’t mean to kill her

My weakness cost my heart

My love decided to kill me

For it was death we were to part.

~C M VanHaaren