NaNoWriMo: Day Three

by courtvanhaaren

Yes, I am fully aware that I did not make a post for day two. This, my dear readers and intrigued bloggers, is because I barely did any form of writing yesterday due to work. 

Thankfully I was able to sit down and get some writing down. And let me tell you, today was a good writing day for me. The inspiration was definitely there. I have been intermittently writing since I’ve gotten home from work. 

Word count aside, I really want to delve into the fact that, once again, NaNo is a learning experience. Within the last few days my novel has already turned into a completely different story, one I never anticipated or created going into this challenge. My characters have become more real as they talk to me, their pain and worries more evident and more raw as I write. I’ve never really tried to sit down and write a novel, and after only a few days I am genuinely sorry I didn’t try it sooner. 

I’m really trying to express how truly awesome this is, and yet I really can’t. It’s just… Amazing. Truly amazing. Maybe once I have experienced more of this writing experience I will have a lot more to say on the topic. 

So in the mean time STATS 

My current word count: 3,551

Today’s current word count: 1,818 

I did one word sprint today, measured at thirty minutes with a word count of 1,079. That equates to approximately 36 words per minute.

And, as a treat, an excerpt from today:

 “I began screaming. I screamed at the top of my lungs, pushing all the pain out. The church echoed with my anger, creating a chilling choir of resonating pain. The moonlight barely illuminated the sanctuary, enveloping me in near darkness. It took all my strength to continue breathing; my body was completely overcome with my sobbing, and each breath felt as if I was being torn in half. “