Obligatory Update Post

by courtvanhaaren

Okay, I have to admit that despite being an active blogger, I am terrible when it comes to technology and social media. Which, if you think about it, is incredibly sad to say when I’m in my early twenties.

I was going through my spam comments and saw that some people stumbled across my blog without a wordpress account, so I did put a sidebar option if any reader was interested in being updated without an account.

I did change the layout and added some contact information and personal information (including my face!) in the pages located at the top. I’m not finished with setting up the new layout, I just have to figure out  the widgets to set up. Give me some time!

Well, I think that is it on the whole design front.

I did, however, want to take the time to thank everyone who follows me; whether you periodically like posts or check daily, I am extremely grateful to have all of you interested in what I’m creating and crying about. This blog is my current platform that I’m using to both further develop my writing skills and establish my standing somewhere in the vast literary world. I do sometimes get discouraged when I get little to no feedback, but ultimately in the end I do have support, and for that I am grateful and blessed. On a similar note, I am really sorry if you chanced upon my blog without wordpress and left a comment that I didn’t see until recently. I really appreciate the support in and out of the website.

Not only that, I am grateful that I still have your support when my promises and outlines fall through. I’m trying my best, but sometimes my plans don’t always work. I appreciate that you guys are still around despite that.

With all that being said, I hope you guys like the developing layout and continue enjoying my NaNo updates. I need to get writing!

Until next time

~C M VanHaaren