Test Run: 750 Words

by courtvanhaaren

Participating in NaNoWriMo has definitely opened up new experiences and lessons.This much I will always state on this blog and various other outlets. I knew that it would broaden my writing experience and skills. However, it didn’t occur to me until recently that I should take the opportunity to try different writing programs and techniques. I don’t know of many programs out there right now, but a quick Google search will fix that.

I know of two programs right now: Write Or Die and 750 Words. I won’t be able to purchase Write Or Die until approximately next week, so I figured that I would run a test trial of 750 Words.

The premise to 750 Words is simple: the website was created as a writing program to help promote a healthy amount of daily writing on a private website. The creator based it off of a morning writing exercise, which was eventually reasoned into an acceptable daily writing task. The writing is not shared with an audience; it is solely for the purpose of pushing through whatever needs to be wrote. There is a point system that follows along the word count; the outline of points isn’t made clear in the introduction but each month is a clean plate. There are no consequences to falling short of the word count. You just simply write. (X)

750 Words is NOT a free website. There is a free one-month trial, followed by a $5/month fee. (X)

As far as the layout of the website, it’s fairly basic. The monthly tracking system is located at the top with the document pad directly underneath. The document pad does not have any modifications to it- meaning not much editing tools, or even variety in the appearance itself. All though it appears as an underdeveloped website, this actually does have the underlying encouragement of not editing, just writing. A go with the flow, if you will.

The first time I tried out 750 Words I was having a bad writing day. I didn’t even manage to hit 200 words- pathetic in the wake of my thousand word sprints. I couldn’t focus on typing at all. The website holds no more motivation to continue writing than Microsoft Word. I tried using the website again today but with no luck. I’m one of those people who can’t sit on the computer and just type continuously. This website is just too simple for me to use, especially if it comes with a price. The lack of incentive just doesn’t work for me to be willing to pay monthly for it. This is not to discourage any of you from testing it out. The design and the daily word goal of 750 might work for those who are able to just sit and write in with no distractions. I would encourage anyone interested to at least try the one-month trial before deciding for or against it.

So in the end 750 Words is a no from me. I just can’t pay for something I’m just going to stare at.

Anyone know of any other writing programs that they would recommend? Please leave it in a comment below! I would appreciate it!

Until next time

~C M VanHaaren