Broken Heart

by courtvanhaaren

With hollow eyes and angry words you handed me your heart

There were so many broken pieces 

I wanted to fix it but couldn’t start. 

I don’t know how to piece it together 

And bring a smile to your face

I think mine is breaking too

Just to know you are in pain.


My words are but an echo

That you hear but don’t understand 

My hands are no more than two

That cannot carry your pain and hold your hand.

I want to help but don’t know how 

I can only curse my own misgivings

How can we both cry out for help

And be burned while we are living?


I know I’m not the person you want

Nor can I give you what you need

I can only tell you what is real

While your heart stays with me.

The sun does set, and always rises

We hold this to be true

I promise that as the sun does rise 

One day you shall rise too.

I know that in the dark we find 

What scares us to the core

I know that it seems endless

I know there are things we can never be sure.


Continue crying out

As I cry out for you

Don’t ever stop searching for yourself

And know that love follows you.

I know your heart is heavy

That is why I carry it for now

Continue to search for yourself 

So that your own love you can allow.


I know my words may be meaningless

I can accept this to be true

But I mean it with my whole heart

When I say that I love you.