NaNoWriMo: Getting Stressed

by courtvanhaaren

As much as I would love to insert a post that has both my personal experience and advice, I really can’t do that today. I’ve unfortunately been sick for almost a week now. I’ve come down with the flu and pink eye, which has let me stay home from work, but hasn’t let me do much other than lay around and cough.

I’m losing A LOT of time and words because of being sick and I’m really discouraged at this point. I haven’t checked my word count but I have to be around the 20k point, which is not ideal with 11 days left of November. (WHERE DID THE MONTH GO??????)

Even though I’m extremely down and discouraged, I WILL NOT stop trying to hit 50k. If you are in the same boat as me, DO NOT STOP. DON”T.

Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t do that to your novel.

Keep writing.

Until next time

~C M VanHaaren