Poem Prompt- Lies

by courtvanhaaren

Well, there are prompts that have good outcomes and prompts that have mediocre, awful, or unsatisfying results. This would be one of those instances.

My lovely friend shared a prompt from a poetry page on Facebook, the prompt being to write a poem about you where everything is a lie. Absolutely cool concept, right?

Pretty hard and frustrating. Here is the current draft. I’m not sure if it’s the final result or not, but here it is:

My soft hands move mountains

And I speak loudly for all to hear

My heart swells for everyone I meet

I never hurt who I hold dear



Goodness flows from my being

I am a saint who does no wrong

The lusts of my heart always win

I am a sinner who will never be strong



Kindness is all that I know

My heart is wholesome and pure

I always receive the love I give

Never broken, of this I’m sure



My self worth is evident

My own being I never damn

Always sure of myself

I certainly know who I am