Christmas “Sermon”

by courtvanhaaren

(Sermon in quotations because I am not an ordained minister)

So, I’m sure at least one of you noticed my absence. Right? Right.

I spend A LOT of time working on projects for church this month, which put personal writing on a lower priority. Mix that in with holiday hours at work, and Courtney has NO time to do personal writing.

Well, going back to the title of this post, I basically did the sermon for our Christmas Eve service at church. At my church they have a tradition going for the Christmas service where a person from the congregation writes and speaks about the birth of Jesus in the POV of someone from the Christmas story. I was asked to be the angel who descended to the shepherds.

I was really nervous and ended up speaking too low, but overall the congregation was impressed, which makes me happy. So, here is the monologue of sorts that I wrote for our service:


None of you know my name, and it won’t be revealed during your time on Earth. I am but a humble messenger of God the Father. No more, no less. 

Make no mistake, my words are the plain truth, not resentment. It is a continuous honor to be created to serve the Father’s needs. It brings me much joy to know my existence is to serve. I need no name, only purpose.

And purpose I have had since creation. All of my time revolves around work and praise for the Father, which I’m sure many of you can relate. All of the tasks I carry out for the Father brings me joy, but there is one task that I hold dear to my heart. Nothing will compare to announcing the birth of  Jesus in the midst of that infamous silent night.

Yes, in the Father’s name I can assure you it is I who first descended to the shepherds. 

It was indeed a wondrous night. I will always remember the awe I felt as Heaven burst with the news that the Virgin Mary had birthed Jesus. God is good for sending his only begotten son to Earth! My wings fluttered with anticipation of singing newly formed praise of the Holy Trinity. 

Then I learned that I was to descend to Earth and announce the birth of Jesus Christ. I was to be the first to proclaim that the savior was born. 

For the first time since creation I was stunned. You see, I am not an archangel. Churches acknowledge me but cannot recognize me in the multitude of angels. It was a nameless angel who held the honor and prestige of sharing the news of Lord Jesus’ birth. 

If you think about it, a nameless angel and lowly shepherds are a good match. 

The shepherds themselves were frightened when I came. I have never seen people so terrified when they were about to receive good news. Thankfully they were soon rejoicing. 

So, as I did for the shepherds many years ago, I shall share the news once more:

I come to all you servants with good tidings. A baby has been born that will save all of Gods’ children. He lays in a manger, sleeping in Bethlehem. Even now as he rests he is preparing for the ultimate sacrifice. 

His name is Jesus. 

His body is small now, but it was created to win the war that God’s children could never triumph. Hope is found in a stable hope is found in a baby boy. Isaiah’s foretellings and God’s promises hold true: the servant king has been born. 

It is good news, isn’t it? I hope it fills your heart with joy as it does mine. With the birth of Lord Jesus Heaven and Earth has forever been changed. The glory of Heaven will forevermore sing the joy of the savior’s birth and sacrifice while God’s children seek him. 

Hope was born of a virgin, and that hope exists within all of you as faith in God and his Son. Continue to honor that faith by celebrating the best gift of all, the birth of a baby boy.