by courtvanhaaren

Of you I was never sure

But I still followed you through the door

into the darkness


how can I like this?


And as our bodies met

I could taste the instant regret

It was setting in my skin


But darling, we have to finish what we begin


I am in too deep

How did you manage to seep

into my soul


I’ve lost all control


And I love it 

That must mean something 


That scares me more than how your lips 

Feel on my tongue and on my hips 

I cannot help but drown in my sin


Why do we have to finish what we begin?


I am not quite sure 

I like this anymore 

Yet still it goes on


But I know it is wrong 


And with our bodies intertwined 

it helps silence my mind 

and lets me go on 


But I still know it is wrong


Even though it is wrong

I still play along 

why do I do this? 


You must be poison.