New Post Expectations and some FAQ

by courtvanhaaren

Hey guys! Just some general updates on my end~

*Thanks to the enthusiasm of some fellow Wrimos I am going to actually start up on the video segment that I had mentioned about a month ago. So, expect biweekly a video of me taking shots and discussing- to the best of my inebriated abilities- literature’s best. I was originally going to name the segment Booze and Books, but there is apparently enough establishments and groups with this clever alliteration that I would rather just not bother. Hopefully I can decide on a title by the time I actually post the video. Suggestions are always welcome!

*I have gotten a few questions regarding blog trades, guest articles, contact information, subscription, etc. So as a breakdown:

A) I am definitely open to blog interviews and guest articles. In all honesty, I do not have the time to search for other blogs to interact with on that front. I have pieces to write and I’ve amassed a decent amount of editing requests that blogging is not my major concern. If you were interested in the likes, you can email me at with any questions or concerns.

B) Speaking of contact or other social media, as indicated in the page link at the top of my blog, I can always be reached through the before mentioned email. As far as social media, the best way to interact and get updates from here is on twitter (@courtvanhaaren).

C) At the bottom of my blog, there are links that offer the RSS feed and email subscription if you do not have a wordpress account. To my knowledge they are working, so if you were interested in subscribing they are there. If not, you can always follow on twitter; I always share post updates there.

I know there are more questions I wanted to address, but I am half asleep and cannot recall them off hand. I am in the works of creating a FAQ page.

I think that is all?

Until next time

~CM VanHaaren