Sonnet Stanza Spree

by courtvanhaaren

I’m working on a sonnet collection, in case my twitter updates and occasional posts were too subtle. The theme of the collection is a lamenting lover writing about a long distance romance with a man she has never met, and will never meet.

I have a couple completed sonnets with some free-standing stanzas currently. I figured I would share them in the collections entirety for the time being to get some feedback on them. I’m actually quite proud of how they’re coming along, but I really need to know if there are any dimensions to the theme that can be expressed as well.


Words, words, words; they barely help me convey
every sentiment I have for you.
Just as a raindrop is not an ocean
All that I write does not show my heart true.
But love, I must try to show you with ink
all that you truly mean to my own heart.
I can only hope you realize my love
and feel my pain while we remain apart.
Take my words and enjoy them for their worth,
they are all I have to serve my heart well.
Know every mark contains my love
And our story each word does try to tell.
My words are few, but they are all I got.
Embrace them love, they are our only knot.


I devote to you disheartening tones
reveled as beauty for written rhyme.
I promise to spend a moment or two
And delight in a love still in its prime.
A wondrous romance we have just begun,
it is my favorite story to read.
A sad end that I am more than aware
but for another I will not concede.
In plain letters and words our love unfolds
wrote by my favorite author to me.
Faithfully he affirms his affections
and dedicates words of sweet ecstasy.
Two lovers kiss with the tip of a pen
promising their loyalty once again.


Words, only words give a gentle good night
How lonely they sometimes leave me feeling.
There is little comfort found in the dark
despite promises forever sealing.
Must we be damned to a love in print?
Such cruel fate has been bestowed, my dear.
How can it be that we cannot embrace
when it is you I want to be near?
Is Heaven above really so hostile?
Or is it the stars with their twisted fate?
Either way, we must keep our distances
with words and hope I shall forever wait.
With ink I swear our love I shall abide;
forever your lover, never your bride


Do not fear irony to brand a fool;
I know the power in our small letters.
They do wonders for distance, you, and me.
For love, we owe words- forever debtors.


Beloved, why do you hide in language?
Letters and words pale next to your being.
How can you expect me to kiss just words?
What love bound by words is worth believing?


His words first found me land and sea away,
bewitching me for a man of distance.
His words contain all that I will ever touch;
Why must words be his only existence?


I am also going to be turning the poem “Endless words” posted on here into a sonnet. (It was actually a friend’s suggestion to turn it into a sonnet, and that is where this collection began).

Any thoughts on the sonnets? Please let me know! Until then, I will probably be figuring out details for my *named* video segment in the works.

Until next time

~CM VanHaaren