Input Time- Video Segment

by courtvanhaaren

As stated previously before, some enthusiastic Wrimos fully supported the idea of an inebriated literary video commentary, so here I am a month later planning it out.

So far, I for sure have a name for the segment:

Lit on the Rocks

Like it? I don’t know if I mentioned before, but I was considering Booze and Books, but too many alliterative assholes ate up the name. I like Lit on the Rocks better anyways.

I am getting slightly off topic. Okay, the point of this post was to get some ideas and suggestions as far as what to cover in the video. Should it be a plot and character analysis? Should it be a rant? Should it be a drunk rewrite? Should it be all of the above?

So far I’m leaning towards outlining plot and character notes sober, then commenting on them intoxicated.

If it helps, the first title will be Romeo and Juliet.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts, and be on the look out for that segment in one to two weeks time.

~CM VanHaaren