Poetry 101: Epistle

by courtvanhaaren

The term epistle may or may not sound familiar to you, dear reader, mainly depending on whether or not you are a person of faith. If so, the term epistle is most certainly familiar with weekly epistle lessons. Which is no surprise really; there are many accounts of epistles being traced back to the Roman era, which means a lot of biblical formatting would be fashioned in this form. Of course, the term epistle is not strictly attached to biblical teachings; it is rather a term to describe the formatting of that particular scripture.

In fact, epistles are fairly simple: an epistle is a poetic letter. Simple as that. Instead of calling the writing an epistle you can call it a letter poem, if your heart so desires. There are no rules when it comes to this form.

No, really, there are no rules.

Forward Poetry  lists the epistle as free verse;  meaning there is no set rhyme scheme, no set meter, and no set line length. To boot, the epistle can be wrote by any narration desired.

When it comes to epistles, there is two things to keep in mind:

A) Who is the letter addressing

B) What is the tone

When those two factors are taken into consideration, the actual style of the poem will come through.

All in all, it’s a fairly simple concept to grasp and generally easy to construct- as long as the recipient is evident. It is a letter, ensure that it is formatted as one.

A tiny little poetry intro today. More to come!

Until next time

~CM VanHaaren