10 Sentences

by courtvanhaaren

For some reason I cannot string two words together to compose a poem or add to any WIP that I have going.


I will just share ten sentences from my WIP, Legion of Angels. (Yes, technically twelve. But the two joined ones compliment each other. Also 7 and 8 do not correspond with each other, despite how they read) Enjoy!


1. The dreams are always vivid and they come without fail.

2. I covered my eyes and crouched close to the ground, fire threatening to capture me as well.

3. “But the beautiful thing about falling is that there is always a place to land.”

4. “If I die, if I truly die and turn into dust to never exist again, I want to know my humanity never really left me.”

5. “There is magic and mayhem far beyond what the bows she equipped you with can triumph.”

6. This creature reeked of sin; it touched her face and gave her a sinister glow.

7. “You’ve seen the glory of Heaven, fallen angel. Why wasn’t it worth staying?”

8. Maybe it was because I was born a human and created an angel.

9. The matted remains of Isra’s wings twitched under Alison’s care; otherwise his body lay still.

10. “I’ve been abandoned. I might as well lay here and hope that my pathetic body sinks down into Hades.”