Final Input

by courtvanhaaren

As I’m sitting here stuffing my face with waffles, it occurred to me I was just as lost drunk as I was sober about my video segments. It’s the first attempt that I’ve done at any vlogging and to keep interest I want to make sure that I’m including everything that I possibly could to make the videos as quality as possible for viewers.

So, as a reminder:

-I’m doing videos involving intoxication with literary commentary

-the first video includes Romeo and Juliet.


Now, I initially planned to tape tonight and release this week. But sitting drunk and looking at my -lack- of notes, I realized I’m still a little lost at what to discuss. So far, as a breakdown, I have:

-the discussion of fate

-behavior displayed by Romeo and Juliet regarding their passion; their qualities remarked upon before their interaction

-Mercutio before he dies

-Tybalt and Mercutio

-Romeo regarding his behavior towards Rosaline then towards Juliet

-The fate of Juliet; whether her death was truly the best for her

I think all of that covers a fair amount of what the play entails. Please, PLEASE leave a comment below with ANYTHING regarding the play that I can include in the video. I genuinely do not care what it is; I do not care whether if it regards fan fiction or the emotions displayed by the characters. I would rather make a video that follows along what viewers want to see rather than just base on what I thought were important aspects.

Two other important mentions:

-What do you guys think of introducing the novel by means of interviewing drunk people at the bar about their take on the novel? If this sounds like a good idea, I may have to push back taping just a tad bit for both inserting this portion and editing purposes.

-I do apologize, but until I can replace my computer and get better equipment the quality of the videos will remain grainy (at best). Here is an example:



Not the worst, but it could be better. Just as a fair warning!

So, please, PLEASE either leave suggestions in the comments below or message me at Anything would be appreciated!

In the meantime, I shall eat more waffles and look through the play once more.

Until next time

~CM VanHaaren