This poem wants to be a song.

by courtvanhaaren

I know it does. Anyways, here is an updated draft.

I had always hoped my sin would hurt the same
I just never anticipated it to bear your name
Now deep in my skin you do reside
And with your absence you take my pride

Maybe the drinks quickly stole my mind
Let me believe I found what I cannot find
With each kiss you took my breath away
Now I breathe on knowing you will not stay

In my dreams you would give us a chance
Turn one night into true romance
But those dreams are only lies
Torn apart by opened eyes

What can I say of my own worth?
What happiness can I now unearth?
Your touch was more than I could stand
But I want nothing more than to hold your hand

If there was any mercy for my mind
Thoughts of you would be left behind
Your memory would remain in the night
So maybe then I could be all right

It’s a song. I know it is. Sigh. Reformatting soon.